Olmsted County Fair

My mom and I headed over to the Olmsted County Fair last night. We were there from about 6-8pm on Wednesday. Here is an overview of what we experienced during our first trip to the Olmsted County Fair!

There are a multitude of rides at the fair.  We didn't try any out, but there was a big crowd of folks buying tickets and having a ball!

Looked frightening.

Ticket time.

Many stuffed prizes.

Hello duckies.

We really enjoyed this barn filled with varieties of nicely labeled fish in tanks.

Rainbow trout (I think).


This was a very handsome turtle.  He was standing right next to.....

This snake!

In another neat building, there were all the prize-winning foods, flowers, plants, quilts, and pies! This woman gave quilting demonstrations. 


The grand champ cornstalk! And the grand champ kohlrabi. 

Jam time.

Beautiful cow!  This one was my favorite.

Helpful police friends.

Sheep contest.

This was the judge.

Blue boy.

Pink Sweetie.

Kind of like a mustache!

Nap time.

The chicken area was very loud.

In this barn, we saw new piglets and new baby chicks!

These guys were JUST born!

Wonderful to get a snapshot with the President and First Lady!

This awesome ice cream truck is from Cherry Berry!  Have you tried it yet?

Something fun was happening over here but we didn't know what.

I will forever be wondering about deep fried kool-aid.



Spinning and spinning. 


Goodnight, fair!

Two peas in a pod.

Helicopter rides were available but we didn't partake.

The fair was certainly a neat experience.
And it's free!  You only need to pay for parking.
Head on over to the Olmsted County Fair!