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Stewartville Summerfest Run/Walk 2013: Do you live in the area? Are you hoping to start out the 4th of July on an active note? Try out the Stewartville Summerfest 3-mile Run/Walk!  I'll be walking the 3-mile race.

Words of the Week: 4th of July

Ultimate Food Value Diary App: I've been using this app on my Ipad (also available for Droid devices) for the last two weeks.  It's really handy and I like it!  It tracks points (Weight Watchers) as well as water, veggie servings, vitamin, etc.  Do you have any apps you adore that help you live a more balanced, healthy life?  If so, please share and leave a comment!

Parks and Recreation: How come I didn't really realize how funny this show is?  It's hilarious!  Love it!  It's available on Netflix Instant.

White Vegetable Lasagna Cupcakes: These aren't really cupcakes but they are made in a muffin tin.  So handy! And a great way to use up extra veggies.  The next few recipes all feature massive amounts of veggies because I'm on an ongoing search for what to do with all my CSA box treasures! Emily Bites is the site, and she features all kinds of yummy, low-point recipes that utilize wonton wrappers.

Asian Greens: Here's one idea for all your greens! I currently have kohlrabi greens, radish greens, spinach, and kale!  I tried a version of this the other night and it was pretty tasty.  Any other ideas?

Cabbage and Radish Slaw: This looks great, too!  What a neat combo of flavors.  

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