Desert Botanical Garden

It's time for the Desert Botanical Garden recap. First, let me set the stage. Wait. FIRST, a quick reminder. Have you sent a photo for this week's word yet? The word is 'pool.' Please take a moment and send one. Gracias.

Now. Back to setting the scene of last Saturday afternoon.

It was mid-day and 106 degrees in the Phoenix area. To truly experience desert life in the summertime, it was the perfect time to get outdoors and observe some cacti, mountains, and wildlife!

Before this adventure to Arizona, I was not particular familiar with cacti. Now, I believe it is my second favorite plant species (after the orchid). THEY ARE SO AWESOME. Did you know they can hold up to 6 TONS OF WATER! 6 tons! 12,000 pounds of water. In one cute cacti.

Get ready, friends. It's time for a big ol' pile of nature pics!

By the time we got back in the car, I was LITERALLY DRENCHED IN SWEAT. It was the kind of all-out-sweat-fest that is so pronounced that it is very nearly embarrassing to be seen in public.

But, Liz didn't mind my sweaty self, and for that - I am thankful. She brilliantly packed fluids, and we re-hydrated in the car while enjoying the air conditioning.

Even though it was a super sweaty experience, I really enjoyed it. It felt like a real desert adventure and I learned a LOT about various plant species. There are all kinds of great signs and guides at the garden that are extremely informative.

Loved it! And I bet it would be incredible in each of the seasons, depending on what happened to be in bloom at the time. 

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