If you're ever in Alaska....

Hey folks!  This will be my last post specific to the Alaska adventure.  I thought it would be good to fill you in on my two favorite places to spend the night in Alaska.

These were both bed and breakfasts.  I highly recommend that approach to travel!  It was less expensive than hotels and we got a wonderful breakfast each day.

Seward: Kim's Forest Bed and Breakfast

What a wonderful place!  It is in a very peaceful, quiet place a few miles out of town. While in Seward, we also visited Exit Glacier (a must see). Kim is a gracious, fun host. Mom and I really enjoyed our overnight at Kim's Forest.  In the morning, Kim prepared a great breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs, and a yummy croissant.  The fresh fruit was a real treat, and the morning conversation with Kim was a huge treat, too.

Especially fun: Kim collects pigs! When I'm traveling, I always carry my little pigs (Mike and Ike) along with me.  They are from the game "Pass the Pigs" and I think they are adorable.

Kim told us that in Korean culture, pigs represent healing and good health.  When a person is sick, visitors often bring pigs as an encouragement. Sick people even get a "sicky name" until they are well again.  I asked Kim if I could get a photo with my little piggies and some of hers.  :)

We loved Kim's Forest B & B!  As we drove away, we were overwhelmed with gratitude for how we somehow ended up at such a neat place.  We booked everything online without really knowing what we were doing, and somehow every place we stayed ended up being wonderful.

I would give Kim's Forest 5 stars out of 5 stars! *****

Exit Glacier - just outside of Seward

Homer: Cozy Cove Inn Bed and Breakfast

The owner of this B & B is Marcella. Meeting Marcella was a HUGE highlight of the whole trip for both my mom and me.  We loved her.  This was the only place where we stayed for 2 nights instead of 1.  It was such a peaceful, beautiful place.

Marcella is a gracious, compassionate hostess.  Spending our breakfasts with her was a delight.  It was Marcella who encouraged us to go to Seldovia, and I'm so glad she did!  That's the place we traveled to by ferry (aka....mysterious bear island).  I loved being there.  It felt like a place truly alive with nature and history.

Mom and I both describe our time in that Seldovia forest as one of our most exhilarating experiences! Marcella's home is beautiful. She is a wonderful cook and an incredibly inspiring person. If you are ever in Homer, stay at the Cozy Cove!

I give the Cozy Cove Inn 5 stars out of 5! *****
Taken outside the school in Seldovia

Mystery Bear Forest (true name: Otter Bahn Trail)

Seldovia Beach

A moose in the ditch in Homer

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