Thankful Thursday

Greetings! I am typing to you tonight from Belvidere, Illinois where I spent the day! So much fun! Here are some weekly highlights.

-visiting family in Iowa last Saturday
-tiny house progress
-wonderful lunches with thoughtful people
-selling and giving away things on Craigslist
-great meetings with really wonderful co-workers
-a softening heart
-a beautiful stole someone made 
-meaningful emails from people I have never met
-time today with three of my favorite people in the world (seminary friends)
-seeing Axel getting so big and smart and sweet and adorable

A HUGE highlight: getting to go to H Mart in Niles, IL today. It is a gigantic Asian grocery store. I was first introduced to it when I went along with my friend Youngsik back in seminary. I have gone a few times over the years. It is absolutely one of my 'happy places' in the world. I love that place! And I am now fully stocked up on seaweed and Asian snacks! 

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