A Snowy Hike on May 2nd

A few months back, I had scheduled today as a vacation today.  I thought, "How fun that will be! Early May!  Warm temps!  I'll take a random Thursday to hike and read and have fun in the sun!"
Then there was a giant snow storm on May 2nd.  

I decided to hike anyway.  It was a 2-hour, 5-mile adventure!

Let's get this snowy party started!
Headphones and winter gear. Rocking out to Local Natives!

One of my happiest moments!
Something so surprising, amazing, peaceful,
and exhilarating about the quiet park and the foot of May snow. 

Very quiet at the Legion today.

Definitely not a good path for walking available.  Good thing I had my boots and snow pants!


  1. Thanks for seeing the beauty in the unexpected and largely unwanted snowstorm. I haven't gotten any snow, but this is a good reminder to enjoy the circumstances given to us.

    1. :) Thanks Laura! I didn't expect to enjoy the walk so much, but I really did!