A Med-City Mini Farm

Tuesday was a great day for lots of reasons.  A 5:30am run with a new friend, a productive pastor day, a jar of strawberry rhubarb jam received on a home visit, selling my Keurig on Craiglist, an evening tea time with a treasure of a gal pal, and a visit to the home of Tim and Jenny.

For the first time in 22 years, I got to hold a rabbit (which I have not done since my own bunny, Thumper, passed away a long while ago)!

My friends, Jenny and Tim, let me come on over and visit their Rochester farm in the city yesterday! So inspiring! They live on the southwest side of the city which is my new favorite neighborhood.

I was so caught up in the joy of the excursion, I forgot to take photos. Oops! I'll have to go back soon because it was such a place of peace. What a neat yard. They have 3 chickens and some beautiful pet rabbits, too!  The rabbit house is ADORABLE and I forgot to take a photo.  It looks a lot like a tiny house; nearly the same measurements!  But for rabbits instead of lady pastors.

Jenny and Tim also harvest rain water (also forgot to take a photo of that) and grow all sorts of delicious vegetables. The experience was so refreshing. They are a wonderful couple and their Rochester neighborhood was so warm and inviting!

Thanks for the tour, Jenny and Tim!

Creative, functional chicken coop. 

An egg!

They LOVE kale! 

Beautiful rabbits!

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