Red Wing Re-cap

The wedding in Red Wing went wonderfully!  I have lovely photos of the happy couple, but I won't share any here.  I imagine it would be nice for them to be the first ones to share the pics of their special day.  :)

Summary of the last 24 hours: It was so lovely.  Wonderful couple.  Wonderful love.  So thankful to be part of the festivities.

My pal and I had a great time getting our hairs done in Red Wing at the Indigo Salon. Let me tell you: GREAT PLACE!  If you ever need your hair done in a fancy up-do - or you just want to relax and spend part of a day being pampered - check out this terrific place.  Loved it!  We had a really positive experience and the staff is fabulous.   I ended up going back to get some blinc brand eyebrow mouse! They used it on my yesterday and I really liked it.  It's so easy to use and really helps keep eyebrows lookin' good!

As another quick plug: the bride and groom hired Olive Juice Studios as the photographers.  They are a Rochester business, and they did a TREMENDOUS job!  Excellent excellent excellent!

This morning I ventured around Red Wing a bit and took some photos. 

I hope you're having a great weekend!

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