Weekend Highlights: Local Natives, Palm Sunday, and Bird Food


Some friends and I went to see Local Natives live at First Avenue in Minneapolis!

I've really liked Local Natives since 2010!
They are amazing performers and musicians.
The opening act was the Superhumanoids.

Everyone in the entire venue seemed stylish,
hip, smart, cool, and musically-literate.
I want to be friends with them all!

The show was so good.
I felt so alive, music and energy coursing through my veins.
Local Natives are really, really, really great.
If you are not a fan yet, I think you should become one.

I loved the energy in the room.
It was incredible.
There is nothing quite like the experience of live music.
Sacred stuff.
Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Here are some Local Natives songs to rock out today....

Tiny Desk Concert on NPR

Sun Hands {This is the video from the show!  Someone posted it online!}

Mt. Washington {this one is really growing on me}

In other news.....

Have you been waiving your palms today?
How is your Palm Sunday going?

It's also known as Passion Sunday.

Our worship service started out with a Bible reading about Jesus riding into town on a donkey and people waving palm branches.  The kids sang.  A very joyful tone.  Then, the tone changes.  The Scripture passages tell the story of Jesus trial and crucifixion.

The worship service ends with Jesus dead on the cross.  It is a very intense Sunday in the church year.  I highly encourage you to find a place to worship this week - especially on Thursday and Friday night.  And DEFINITELY on Easter!  One more week away!

One more weekend highlight....



First off, guess where I visited?  FLEET FARM!  My favorite store!
I discovered that the bird food aisle is extremely appetizing.  I nearly bought bird seed in bulk just to eat it myself.  All kinds of nuts and seeds - and a great deal!

But I decided not to - and keep it for the birds instead.
But really - why is it so much cheaper to buy bird food made of seeds and nuts at Fleet Farm
than it is to buy people food made of seeds and nuts at the grocery store?

I did buy some cracked corn for my pheasant Lady.  Many people at church today mentioned all the pheasants they've been seeing!  I guess there are a lot around lately.

I didn't buy any squirrel food, but I was glad to see they're being appreciated, too.

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