Music Monday {with bonus squirrel}

Music Monday

Greetings to you from the snowy north!

We are expecting up to a foot of snow in the next 2 days.
"Joy, joy, joy" for the snowmobile fans!
Warmth will be here soon enough.

In the meantime, I hope you "winter people" are extra happy today.

Check out the button in the upper right-hand corner to see all the Bible verses that have been submitted for my Lenten column series with the Rochester Post-Bulletin.
Many wonderful passages have been contributed.

Here are some songs for your week:

-Twin by Enchanted Hunters (my favorite band as of late)

-Frost by Enchanted Hunters

-Younger by French Wives 

-Everyone I Know by The Moth and The Mirror

-Blue Meanies by Opossom

I hope you'll send in a photo for this week's word.
Send in a photo of you!  Lots of room for creativity here: your hand, your face, your middle school ID card, your facebook profile. Whatever you prefer.  The word is: "me." 

PS:  "Hello" from squirrel hat!

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