Top 5: When you're feeling sad

It's time for "Top 5 time"!

First off, have you sent me a vegetable photo yet?
I hope so.
It's almost time for "Word of the Week!"

Now that we have that out of the way, the time has come.

Do you ever feel a little low?
Seasonal Affective Disorder got you down?
Wondering if you're on the right track with life?
Have you recently had a small or large cry?
Have you drown your sorrows in a bowl of non-fat greek yogurt lately?

Well - guess what?
It's okay.
Really.  It's totally okay to have sad times.
And crying times.
And times when you feel low.
It's normal and human.
Let yourself feel the sad feelings.

And then, when you're ready, here are 5 ways to cheer up.

#1:  Go on a mini-adventure.
It can even be a really small adventure.
Like going to Kwik Trip and buying your favorite childhood candy.
Or heading to the park for a brief stroll.
Or having dinner with friends.
Or sitting in the book store for a bit.
Sometimes I feel a lot better if I just put myself in a different environment, 
even if only for a few minutes.

#2: Watch this video.  Kid President.  Love him.

#3:  Write in your journal or pray or collage or water color or wood-carve or bake or any other creative outlet.  After you've allowed yourself a good, hard cry - regroup.  Try to write down a few things you really love about your life.  

#4:  Dance party. 
In your office.
In your car.
In your bathroom.
Force yourself to dance.
It really helps me a LOT.
Daily dance parties for me!  

#5:  Read Psalm 121.
It's my current favorite Psalm.
Love it.

Bonus Tip: Watch the sunrise whenever possible.
The gift of a new day is worth celebrating.

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