Thankful Thursday

Greetings.  Welcome to a new day!

Have you taken a photo of a chair yet this week?
I hope so.  It's this week's word!  And I think I've only received photos from two folks so far.  I need your chair photos to make tomorrow a success.  

Please take a photo of a chair and share it.  I just realized I might never again have the opportunity or excuse to express that sentence.  I better do it again while I have the chance.  Please take a photo of a chair and share it.  :)

And now it's time.


Here's my list for this week:

-Symphony time with my mom last weekend
-Healthy snacks
-Laughing at silly Youtube videos
-"It's You I Like" (this song makes me cry....thanks, Mr. Rogers)
-"Journeying through Jeremiah" with other folks (who find it challenging, too)
-Zumba class with a great crew of gals
-Helpful people
-Text study
-Mango tea

Thanks for taking the time to read my weekly list.
It's your turn now.

Step #1: Share something your thankful for in the comments section.
Step #2:  Take a photo of a chair and send it to me.

Have a lovely day.
It's you I like.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm thankful for the simple things in life like coffee (yes, I'm addicted), snow falling at 12:30 am when I'm leaving work (it's beautiful) and sometimes even though it is VERY HARD...patience.