Fountain, Minnesota

Have you ever been to Fountain, Minnesota?
I can now answer that question with a "yes" response.
Today, I put a pause on the sermon preparations and column writing to join my mom for a mini-road-trip!

We stopped at Drury's to look at furniture.
And then we had lunch at Village Square.

This little road trip was just the ticket to get the day started off right.
I'm home now and feeling invigorated.  

The company was delightful and the food was delicious!

I highly recommend making a trip to Fountain.

Step #1: Hydrate at Kwik Trip.

Step #2: Explore the furniture store.

Step #3: Be reminded for the 1,000,004th time that I need to read "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck. I seriously see this book EVERYWHERE. And I even own a copy, but I haven't read it. Today it was part of one of the displays at the furniture store. Apparently, I really must read this book!

Step #4: Enjoy chicken and biscuits! YUM! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH BISCUITS lately. Seriously. I just love carbs carbs carbs. I'm starting a "Clean Eating Challenge" Monday with some Facebook friends. No processed carbs allowed; that should be a fun adventure.

Step #5: Speaking of carbs...Mom and I also enjoyed some dessert!

Isn't this sign so sweet? We didn't go in, though. Maybe next time....to "meat" some friends.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Our families both live in Lincolnton, NC, where Lincolnton Furniture is made!