Thankful Thursday

This week's gratitude list....

-Focusing on the positive
-Sacred worship times
-Wonderful families
-Jello cake
-Studying the 5th and 7th commandments for confirmation
-Productive, creative meetings
-A great book about giving good presentations
-The opportunity to sleep-in tomorrow after a crazy long week
-Downton Abbey
-Learning to bake simple things like muffins and peanut butter cookies
-Finding the hymnal I got for confirmation
-Encouraging notes

How about you?  Share an item or two!



PS: I hope to see your "Notebook" pics for tomorrow.

Your favorite notebook?  A recipe notebook?
A technology "notebook"?  A journal?  Your children's classroom notebook?
ANYTHING!  Send yours today.  Thanks!


  1. Thankful Thursday ....

    - a clean bill of health from annual physical
    - photo opps with ice-covered tree branches
    - fun with "Word of the Week" exercise
    - salt for melting icy driveway & sidewalk
    - friends and get-togethers
    - entertainment from backyard animal buddies

  2. -my youth director at my home church who gave me an excellent pep talk for my struggles in the field
    -growing relationships with my high school youth
    -the really awesome pasta and chickpea soup my housemate made for dinner
    -my pastor and vicar for being wonderful coworkers
    -old VHS recorded episodes of "Foyle's War"