Thankful Thursday

How has your week been?

This week I'm thankful for....

-Citrus (I LOVE those easy-to-peel little Cuties)
-Warm blankets
-My orchid
-Letting it go
-Getting to write about Lady the Pheasant in the paper
-My office plants
-Artwork from kids at church
-Organization and planning
-Excitement about seeing my brother
-Home visits
-Exciting possibilities
-Focusing on the good, not the annoying
-Planning and budgeting (I WILL make a dent in those student loans this year!)
-People who are encouragers
-Blue nail polish
-Your animal photos for tomorrow (wink, wink)

I'd love to hear about a few happy items on your list.
Please share.


  1. I love your idea of making a list weekly!

    Here are a few of mine from this week:
    1. Finding a special necklace that I had misplaced
    2. An overnight visit from an old friend and her son while they were in town for a surgery
    3. Starting a 2013 memory jar and seeing Jack's enthusiasm daily as he makes his contributions
    4. Having some 'desk' time this week at work to get caught-up on a few things (less meetings!)

    1. Hey there, special lady! :) :)

      Thanks so much for leading a comment!
      Your list is terrific!