Thankful Thursday

I had pondered switching up the Thursday routine in the new year.
I thought maybe I'd try something other than Thankful Thursdays.
But no matter what I thought of, it didn't seem right.
I love Thankful Thursdays.

I appreciate this weekly opportunity to make a gratitude list, even if it seems cheesy.
I hope that you, too, take time to pause and reflect every week.  Maybe on Thursdays.  Maybe on Sundays.  Maybe at the crack of down on Tuesdays.  Whatever floats your boat.

This week, I am thankful for....

-Seeing a lady pheasant in the backyard
-God's promise to hear
-Ushering in 2013 with laughter and Scrabble
-(Scrabble story): The time I almost had the chance to use the word "Czar" when my only remaining letters were C and Z - and AR was already on the board.
-Letting go
-Walking in the snow
-Hobby Lobby
-Goals for a new year

Birdy 2

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  1. i usually do a thankful thursday as well--- just googled and found yours :)