I made a roast in a pressure cooker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used a recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two major breakthroughs.  All in the same night.

Here's how it went.....


First, I found the meat section at the store. This process was somewhat hilarious because I do not know what I'm doing in the meat section. I feel confused there. I was once a vegan, and I very rarely buy meat. But the experience was strangely empowering. I thought to myself, "You go girl! You buy that roast!"


Then I followed all the instructions and cooked it in an electric pressure cooker with Coca-cola, onion soup mix, and water. It sounds weird. But it was good.

And then, I made gravy!

It was my first attempt. Quite runny. But major progress. Just wait! Someday I'm going to make the most delicious gravy you can imagine. It will just take a few more decades of practice.

Bad news, though.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished project. I served it with broccoli. And a special dessert made with cake mix, pudding, and pineapple....IN THE MICROWAVE! Very yum.

So I think this blog post just goes to show: I am not a food blogger. But I am learning to cook. One recipe at a time.

Mom, can you believe it? I followed a recipe! Start to finish! I guess my confirmation verse is true after all: Everything is possible (Mark 9:23).


  1. Congratulations on your progress in the kitchen. Your recipe sounds yummy. And you made gravy not always the easiest to make. Reminds me of when my sister Pat made gravy the first time. She agonized over the process but followed the recipe closely to find she make some pretty good gravy. She decided to strain it as a bit lumpy. She went to the sink and proceed to strain.......right down the drain. Forgot to place a bowl underneath. Every once in awhile we remind her of her first adventure with gravy and have a good laugh. ;0)