When there are no words, we pray.

White Flower

Friends, let us pray.

God who is always fully present,
remind us of your nearness.

As questions fill our heads,
and we wonder "why" and "how" and "who" -
guard our hearts from blame and fear.
In times of darkness,
may the light of your Truth shine bright.

We cry out for You today - 
to hear, to make new, to protect, to heal.
Create in us new hearts, O God.
Guide our actions.
Remove our transgressions.
Lead us anew.

Wherever there is anxiety today,
may we all plant seeds of love.
Wherever there is hate today,
may we all plant seeds of love.
Wherever there is war today,
may we all plant seeds of love.
Wherever there is brokenness today,
may we all plant seeds of love.

May Your vision be our vision.
May Your love be our love.


A few Bible verses that come to mind....

"For these things I weep; my eyes flow with tears"
- Lamentations 1:16

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
 Therefore, we shall not fear." - Psalm 46:1-2a


  1. Love...love...love.
    Thank you, Emily.

  2. Good things can help with grief but god cannot. He does not exist and if he does he let it happen. A lie to omnipotence and omniscience and in fact proof of the logical fallacy. If he saw it coming and was correct then he was powerless to stop it because it leads to a paradox.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Mike, PJ, and Gilbert.

      Gilbert, I am an advocate of process theology - which does not assert God's omnipotence or omniscience. Instead, process theology upholds the understanding of a God who journeys right along with us (not a puppeteer). I imagine God to be constantly creating new possibilities with each choice and decision that humans make.

      In the midst of tragedies like these, we all view the world from different perspectives. I'm glad we have that freedom. There is much that human beings don't agree on, but we can all do what we can to create a healthier, safer, more compassionate world. Atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, or any other faith - it's a goal that I believe all can share.