I'm a big fan! Tank Goodness.

Here's a quick personal recommendation for a local company that ROCKS.
(This is in preparation for tomorrow's Word of the Week which is "cookie.")

The company is Tank Goodness.
They bake and deliver homemade cookies!
It's such a good idea!

I first learned about Tank Goodness a few weeks ago when a very thoughtful church member had cookies delivered to us at church!  IT WAS SO AWESOME.  The cookies arrived warm and gooey - and extremely delicious.  I remember saying after eating one, "That was probably the best cookie I have ever tasted."  Milk was delivered, too.

Then I got to thinking, "I think I'd like to buy some cookies to be delivered."  The process was easy as can be. I had them delivered to a team of folks at Mayo - and I think they were a huge hit.

Sometime it's tricky this time of year to know what to buy for individuals or groups of people.  Tank Goodness is a great option if there's a group or family you want to thank in a special way.
I love the idea of consumable gifts.

I also felt like the prices are really reasonable considering she makes them fresh every day - and they arrive at their destination WARM!  HOW COOL!

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