Family Time: Minneapolis Style

While my brother was here in the great state of Minnesota, 
we went to an awesome restaurant in Bloomington for lunch!
It's called Ciao Bella.

Generally, Italian food is not my favorite or least favorite.
I like it, but I don't LOVE it.
However, after the delightful Ciao Bella experience,
I think I actually adore Italian food after all!

It was really delicious food.  Perfectly sized portions.
I ordered the Ciao Fusilli: pasta, mushrooms, artichokes, cream sauce.
SO FOOD.  And the noodles were long and squiggly.  I love squiggly noodles!

I also sure love these two.
They accept me even with my giant nerd glasses on!

After lunchy, we headed to another fun spot: The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
We went to see a special exhibit: China's Terracotta Warriors.
However, all the showings were sold out until later that evening, so we weren't able to go.
The museum is free, though, so we did do some fun exploring!

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