Words, Words, Words

I am a better human being when I take time to read.
So as an added incentive for me to read something each day,
I'll be sharing more regularly about books and articles I find worthwhile.

A few recent highlights:

A fabulous quote about tea from this month's issue of "Tricycle."

I collect cookbooks. I look at cookbooks at the library. However, I don't actually cook.
Nevertheless, if I did cook, I want to make this yummy yogurt (which actually wouldn't require any cooking at all). I'd also love to try this....(both recipes from the new cookbook Slimmer).



Having never read anything by Ayn Rand before, I felt it was time. This book (Anthem) is super short and only takes a couple hours (at the most) to read. Very intriguing. I found parallels to "The Hunger Games." There are also many disguised biblical references, although they are totally reinterpreted. 

 In her actual life, Rand believed in the importance of reason but denied all forms of religion and faith. I think it's an important book to read, not because a reader needs to agree with Rand's philosophy of life. But because it's important to be challenged, to stretch, and to think about personal responsibility.

What are you reading this week?

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