Thankful Thursday

On Wednesday night at confirmation, my heart was bursting with gratitude.  I love those kids.  They make me laugh with their witty humor.  They inspire me with their questions.  They face significant challenges at home and at school - and they face them bravely.  They are kind to one another (I think this is what warms my heart the most) and eager to learn.  And they are even nice to me, their geeky pastor.  I am really, really thankful this week.  Here's why.....

-Dark chocolate
-Amazing kids
-Truly wonderful co-workers (thank you, God, this is a blessing for which I cannot ever express enough thankfulness)
-Amazing family (I GET TO SEE MY BROTHER THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Celebrating with my mom
-Great walks with inspiring, thoughtful friends
-Fashion (Vain...yes. But I love it nevertheless)
-Hearing from column readers
-Miscommunications (because they teach me to chill out)
-Learning opportunities
-An amazing text study group
-Happy health news about a wonderful couple who inspire me all the time to believe in the beauty of marriage & family
-Karen (Happy birthday week, my beautiful friend.  I treasure you.)
-New gifted records for my record collection
-Banana curry lip balm
-Tomorrow's "wave" photos for Word of the Week (I NEED A LOT MORE.  PLEASE SEND YOURS!)
-Excitement to make lefse early Friday morning at church






What are you thankful for this week?

1 comment:

  1. • A good nature walk at Quarry Hill.

    • Stopping to admire all the great pictures that are painted of everyday life and landscapes.

    • Dads & Doughnuts with Miss Martha.

    • Practicing soccer with Katherine.

    • Jack's selection for Honor Band.

    • Friends.

    • A warm, safe home.

    • Great conversations with stangers at Cheap Charlies' breakfast counter.

    • The World Series.