A Mumford Music Monday

Music Monday

Mumford & Sons released their new album last Tuesday.  It is EXCELLENT. I hope you're enjoying it, too.  This is a great article on the new record from NPR.  Here are my favorites so far, but every song is good.

Whispers in the Dark (this is a great live performance)

I Will Wait (the Saturday Night Life performance)

Holland Road

The weather has been so lovely!
I hope you take a photo and send it in for this week's word!

PS: I had a blood test at 6am this morning, and my count is up to 22,000 from 10,000.  No IVIG infusion today because there are signs of something positive happening in my blood without the help of IVIG!  My doctor ordered another blood test for Wednesday and Friday at 6am, to keep a very close eye on things.   Either the unit of platelets stuck around for longer than expected OR maybe the new pill is working! The medicine should bring up the count to somewhere between 50,000 and 80,000.  Then I would be totally out of the "danger zone."  I hope it's starting to work.  And I hope it lasts.  Good news for a Monday morning.  As a side note, I feel fine.  Only side effect has been nausea, which is not a big deal if I get to have platelets! 

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