Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for....

-Quality time with people I love
-Lake City, Minnesota
-Postcards from the early 1900s
-Bird books given to me by an elderly church member
-My first baseball game at Target Field
-Water and sand
-Making animals out of aluminum foil and taking silly photos





Friends, today I have two more requests.  First off, it's Thursday and I haven't received any photos of beads yet!  "Beads" is a slightly strange word. Sorry about that.  But do you have any beads around you at the moment?  A bracelet?  A beaded home interior item?  Any random bead?  How about at home? Email me a photo or text me if you have any bead photos.  Thank you!

Another request: My "it's a constant roller coaster ride" platelets have dipped way back down.  The platelets have about 4 days to come back up or I'll have to make some new treatment decisions; my next blood test is Monday.  I sure appreciate your prayers.  Thank you!

Now it's your turn!  What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Thankful, thankful, thankful for:

    --Friends with tents and sleeping bags for us to borrow.
    --Anticipating a great church camp out!
    --Netflix Instant.
    --Scones and coffee.
    --The Litchfield Library.
    --New (to us) Dora sneakers to start fall out right.

    Prayers coming your way (or God's way, I suppose) re: platelets.

  2. Full days of fun and adventure.

    Meeting new people and hearing their stories.

    Becoming a Eucharistic minister.

    Hugs from my kids.

    Figuring out a birthday celebration in a matter of hours.

    Turning challenges upside down.

    Political talks with my parents.

    Sunrises & sunsets, even though they are spanned closer together each day.

    Dancing in the kitchen.



  3. I'm thankful for:
    The freedom to offer up prayers to our awesome God
    A peaceful passing for a cousin
    My beloved family and pets
    Rainy days
    Saturday mornings when we can sleep in