Thankful Thursday

Gratitude list:

-An amazing turnout for Club 56/Confirmation kick-off night
-Mashed potatoes
-Great dinners (including mashed potatoes) with great friends
-Family & new friend time in Des Moines
-Animal masks
-Finding an amazing vintage hat and researching its creator
-Snack time

What do you include this week?

Quick reminder: Tomorrow's word is font.
Take a picture of ANY font you see today.
Road signs, magazines, and ads all contain fonts.
There are other ways to interpret the word font, too - and those are encouraged as well.
You were AMAZING last week with "beads."
Let's do it again.  Look for a "font" today!
I love the way you make Word of the Week a success every week.  THANK YOU!

1 comment:

  1. Watching TLP dance her way out of ITC.

    Smiles from my kids.

    Good laughs with great people on Monday.

    Long conversations with my parents.

    Planning for the holidays.

    Distributing communion to my kids.