Friday night fun.

Weekend Bonus!

After the wedding rehearsal wrapped up, I headed to the Infusion Therapy Center for a weekend surprise bonus!  Platelets!

My platelet numbers were very low today.  But I don't have time for an IVIG infusion.
So I got a unit of platelets which will last me through Monday.  And we will go from there.
I started taking the new medicine today, too.  Promacta.  I hope it works.  

Friday nights at the Infusion Therapy Center are certainly "fun" in their own unique way, but I can think of about 1.4 million other things I'd rather do.

Nevertheless, I'm thankful.

Thank you, platelet donors of the world.
Thank you.


  1. The wild and crazy life of a platelet-deficient pastor! :) Prayers for you and this new treatment.

  2. Monitor says you're doing 180 miles per hour - or so it looked to me! Hope you feel like it soon too.
    - Carol