Thankful Thursday

A lot to be thankful for this week...

-Celebrating birthdays
-Celebrating 125,000 platelets (my Thursday count...yahoo!!!)
-Text messages from my freshman year roomie
-Presiding at weddings and pretending to be a wedding coordinator
-A meaningful funeral experience
-Lunches, dinners, and coffees with church members
-Feeling the warm hand squeeze of a hospitalized friend
-Getting some "sparkle" photos in for tomorrow's Word of the Week
-Breaking the Ramadan fast with Muslim friends & Mom
-Gardens & fresh tomatoes
-Getting caught up on Breaking Bad
-Text study & the always meaningful conversations we share

I'd love to hear from you.
Please share 1 or 2 or 17 things you're thankful for this week.


  1. - Talking Powerball strategy with Martha.

    - Watching Katherine's confidence rise.

    - Art fun with my daughters

    - Rochester Farmers Market

    - Watching son Jack's face as delights in explaing something to me.

    - Anticipating the MN State Fair

    - Naps

    - Running

    - Platelets, seeing TLP's count rise & me being able to donate.

  2. Blue sky, hanging flower baskets and blackberries (among other things!).

  3. -Getting the keys to our new home today!

    -Having a job I love

    -Getting to see old friends from college tomorrow (one of which I haven't seen in over two years!)

    -My best friend's husband being able to come home from Afghanistan for the birth of their first child