Holy Everything

You can now find this blog in two ways:

Same site; two addresses.

The idea behind the name change is this: I believe that people too often make distinctions between what is sacred and what is not.  Too often we keep Sunday life totally separate from the rest of the week. What if it's all holy?  What if all of life is holy?

I think it just might be.  Therefore, welcome to "Holy Everything."

Another update: I'll regularly be posting an outfit, a song of the day, and a quote at - http://whynotwearit.tumblr.com

The name of the online space is: "Why not wear it?"
Subtitle: Everyone gets dressed.  Let's have some fun.

Pastor life is quite full these days. Full in a positive way. I'm starting my 4th year as a pastor.  While some parts of ministry get easier with time, other parts remain as challenging as ever.

I'm thankful for these online creative outlets that provide a space to reconnect with my non-pastoral interests and passions.  Thanks for continuing to visit this blog!

Tonight I had dinner (amazing taco salads) with a wonderful family from church. I loved every second of it. It really is a blessing to have the opportunity to meet and connect with so many inspiring folks.

Two highlights from the night. #1: Two homemade bracelets from a 7-year-old and a 3-year-old. And #2: Cupcakes. Beautiful, beautiful cupcakes.





Email me your sparkle photo by Thursday!

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