Thankful Thursday

My gratitude list this week includes:

-Frozen banana smoothies
-Taco Johns (I prefer Taco Bell, but TJs is growing on me)
-Season 4 of Breaking Bad
-Making cleaning plans for vacation week
-Finding new phone apps
-Cloud pics after a storm blows through
-Fun "neon" pics coming in for tomorrow's Word of the Week!
-A happy church garden

What's on your list?

Here are some cloud pics from yesterday's storm. I parked in a lot after a home communion visit to snap a few shots.

Grand Meadow School

Grand Meadow II

Pretty pink.

Stormy Weater


  1. Vacation

    Horseback riding with my kids, niece and nephew in the Badlands.

    Taking the kids and others on Badlands hike to a beautiful vista.

    Gathering with all of my family.


    Running into old friends.

    Sharing Thankful Thursday with my parents, niece, nephew.

    Finding a hotel after the first 10 attempts resulted in "we're all full tonight."

    Leaving my phone for hours and then finding nice texts when I finally pick it up.

    Safe travel for all of my family.

  2. Ibuprofen and antibiotics for our kiddos this past week, my husband making coffee every morning, true friends, rain, my camera, a weekend anniversary getaway to celebrate 15 years!

  3. This is way late, and I don't really have a list, but I just have to say: those potato oles at Taco John's were a revelation to me when we moved to Minnesota. I have fond memories of Mike feeding them to me while I breastfed Zoe in the backseat of our car on our journey to Litchfield for my interview! TMI? Couldn't resist . . .