Phone Apps

I found 2 neat phone apps in the last week that I think you will enjoy!

#1: Astrid

This app is AWESOME and I am obsessed.  It is all about organization and lists.  It syncs with your cell phone and computer (through Google).  I still like to print hard copies of my "to do" lists, and the app includes a print option from the computer version.  You can categorize your to do lists.  Some of my lists include: Books to Write, Books to Write, Column Ideas, Pastor Life, Cleaning Projects, and Movies to Watch.  You can even share your lists and assign tasks.

#2:  Paint Joy

This one provides the perfect way to be creative!  You can use the backgrounds provided by the application, or you can upload your own photos.  I drew a doodle of a cartoon lady, took a picture of it, and then uploaded it on the app.  And then used "Paint Joy" to color it in.


I made this one by using a black background and the neon brush.


(PS: Have you sent me a neon photo yet?  I hope so!)

Now it's time to share recommendations!  What are your favorite phone apps?

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