A super quick idea

Here is a super quick recipe I just made up! I think you'd like it (if you like spinach).

Step 1: Saute some garlic in a pan for a few minutes. I have a squeeze bottle of chopped garlic which makes it SO easy. I love fresh garlic, too, but the garlic in the bottle is convenient as can be.


Step 2: Grab some raw spinach (mine is from the local farmer's market). Add it to the garlic and saute for a few more minutes.


Step 3: Warm a tortilla in the microwave or beside the spinach in the pan.


Step 4: Put the spinach on top of the warm tortilla and add some feta cheese!


Step 5: Gobble it up!

What recipes have you tried in the past week?
Any from the interweb? Please share a link to your favorite easy recipe!

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