Nature Girl

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A few weeks ago, I caught a certain kind of "bug" in my soul, and it's sure sticking around!
I wondered if it was temporary, but the love only grows.
I've become a "nature girl" of sorts.
I have a long way to go, but it sure brings me a lot of joy.

These days, whenever I am soaking in some nature time, I attempt to take pictures of butterflies and dragonflies. I like to come home, look at the photos, and then try to identify the winged creatures.  I have a variety of guidebooks, and I also use the blessed Internet! 

  Dragons and Damsels


I recently took this photo at a spot near Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.

Female Widow Skimmer

After a little bit of searching, I discovered her species!  It's a female Widow Skimmer! They are quite common, so I bet you'll see one this summer. Here are a few tips to know how to identify ladies like these.... 

Female Widow Skimmer Info