Butterflies & Moths: Hyles Lineata

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Once upon a time, I was not interested in nature.  Then, I became obsessed with nature.  And I am still in that phase. I have a strong inkling that I will be fully in love with nature for all the rest of my days!

I rent the home I live in, and my landlords are all wonderful folks. They have all become great friends of mine.  The other day they were here doing some weeding, and they found the amazing creature featured below.

I didn't hold it, but I did grab my camera and give it a whole photo shoot.

After some research, I discovered its proper species names is Hyles Lineata.  It's a giant caterpillar! The length of a finger.  After it becomes a moth, it will look like this (click the blue words for the link).  Cool, huh?

I just printed out a 6-page list of all 462 butterfly and moth species that can be found in Minnesota.  I can't wait to meet them all!



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  1. Nature sure is incredible! Such an interesting caterpiller. What a bright-colored, symeterical, repeating complex pattern on its body!