And remember....

Here are a few more photos.
I've had an awful cold the last 4 days, but I'm feeling much better today.
I've only used 3 Kleenex tissues so far this morning! HUGE IMPROVEMENT.

Germs are so silly and annoying sometimes.
But I'm sure thankful that eventually colds go away!

When I went to Iowa to visit Alison and her family, we went on a few walks. Every animal in Grundy Center seemed to want its photo taken! It was awesome.

Hello 3

Hello 2

Hello 1

Yellow Flower

And remember: you still have one more week to turn in a "random" photo for
next Friday's "Word of the Week"!

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  1. These are great! They really do seem to be posing for you.

  2. Fun shots, Em! Reminds me of my yard ... including rabbit eating my hosta. Hope your cold goes away SOON, and doesn't morph into a recurrence of pneumonia like you had.