Out and About: Treasure Hunt!

Out and About

On Friday afternoon, a friend and I went to the Gold Rush Antique Show
in Rochester, Minnesota.  It was heavenly!  We also enjoyed the Stewartville Citywide Garage Sales!
It was really a great day for treasure searching.



 I added a few new planters and vintage broaches to my collection!
And then I found some little plants at a greenhouse.  Bonus!

I really like to find strange, obscure planters.  I also love pretty planters from the 1940s through the 1970s.

Weird Planter

Planters 1

Planters 2


  1. Your TMNT shirt is super fun! Is that vintage too??

  2. Delightful! Just this morning I decided that it is time for more broaches in my life.

    I think I have two at the most, so . . . nowhere to go but up!

    Love the planters. Now I will always know what to get you!

  3. April: The TMNT shirt is not vintage, but I love that it kind of looks like it! :)

    Maggie: YES! Build that broach collection, girlfriend!