Music Monday

My favorite musician releases his new album Tuesday! John Mayer!
So in honor of the big week (yes, I pre-ordered the album), I thought we'd celebrate by having a whole 'Music Monday' dedicated to JM.

Here's a hilarious video clip of him on Ellen last week talking about "The Bachelor" (if you happened to watch any of last season with Ben and Courtney, you will find this particularly hilarious):

*Would you like to listen to the WHOLE ALBUM
for free? Click here (it's currently available on Itunes).

*Shadow Days
(The words of this song are really growing on me! Such a great song-writer!)

And now a few of my favorites through the ages:

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Edge of Desire (my favorite song from the last album)

Something's Missing (I think this is song is consciously or subconsciously about faith)

3 x 5 (my favorite favorite)

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