Music Monday + GEV

A few tunes for your Memorial Day/Music Monday:

Cameo Lover by Kimbra

Two Way Street by Kimbra

Time for my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG: Waiting for a Star to Fall by Boys Meets Girl

My mom and I went to Good Earth Village near Spring Valley, Minnesota on Saturday night for a church picnic. A young person from the congregation who loves GEV gave us an amazing tour of the whole camp! I had been there quite a few times, but my mom had never been there, and Ryan was an amazing tour guide!

Nature 2







We saw 6 different deer throughout our tour! Every time we saw one, Ryan and my mom would say: "Did you get a picture, Emily?"

And each time I was in such awe of the deer, that I froze and couldn't take a picture in time!

In this photo, I ALMOST captured the moment. It was right after we saw 3 deer walk across the path. Ryan and Mom are saying: "WOW!" And I was fumbling around trying to get a photo in time. You can't see the deer in this photo, so you'll have to use your imagination.

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