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Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista

Over the last few months, I've taken two sewing lessons with a great pal from church.


I'm hoping to get to the ability level where I can make clothes (so far I made an apron and 1/2 of a purse)! Recently I discovered this fun new book at the library, and now I have some summer projects in mind for easy skirts and dresses.



Do you sew? What are your best tips? Do you know of any online resources? Here are a few that I've discovered....

PS: I Made This (this blog covers a variety of project areas without a major emphasis on sewing)

Remember, Friday's word is just around the corner, and this is an easy one! The goal is to get lots of participants. So take a picture of something you drink today and send it to me (text it or email it). I'd love to see your "beverage" photo.

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