Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday 2.9.12

This week I am thankful for:

-The Rochester Art Center
-Adventures and hikes
-Great phone chats and Google chats with my bro-bro
-Eating cereal at my desk
-Putting together the "Word of the Week" photo post each week and seeing everyone's photos
(I really do love this; so fun to see what you share! This week the word is LUNCH.)
-Being challenged and convicted
-The time I tried to make carrot cake and it tasted like dry asphalt
-Preaching on a great gospel text
-The interweb community
-Great coworkers and a great conversation about Children/Youth/Family Ministry
-Love in all its forms
-Helping 5-year-olds practice their numbers for one glorious hour at the local elementary school

Your turn!
What are you thankful for?
What made you smile?


  1. • A great teacher conference with Martha's teacher.

    • Helping my kids sort out life's ups and downs.

    • Making snow globes with my kids at Rochester Art Center.

    • Sharing dinner with a friend.

    • Connecting with an old buddy from
    my childhood neighborhood.

    • Getting to sleep in

    • Talking about faith.

    • Laughter.

  2. - Time to spend with my niece and nephews
    - Fitbit
    - Re-discovering the math lover in me
    - Hope

  3. --Mike's amazing homemade granola.
    --Visiting people like it's my job (because it is).
    --New energy that new leadership brings to church council.
    --Cozy early morning cuddles with my daughter.
    --Dairy Queen is open for the season!
    --phone chats with friends

  4. New possibilities
    Honest conversations with friends
    Facetime via wifi with my hubby
    Great friends willing to be part of Tuckers extended family

  5. My grandson's hug
    A call from my daughter
    My dog's greeting when I get home
    Coffee ready when I get up...from
    the husband who doesn't drink it
    Dinner with friends
    Working with wounded veterans -
    helping them heal
    A GOOD hair day

  6. Great lists everyone! :) Thank you for participating!