Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

-Quarry Hill
-The best lobster ever
-My terrific family
-Kind, loving notes from strangers
-Being interviewed by the Minneapolis StarTribune
-A great vocation
-Honest 9th graders
-Vintage clothes
-Excitement about "sunrise" photos for tomorrow's Word of the Week
(I have received some beautiful pics! Send yours today!)

What are you thankful for this week?
Share an item or two!


  1. I am thankful for:

    - Portlandia - hilarious!
    - Family
    - Friends
    - Freedom
    - Hope

  2. • Meritage

    • Philosopher,poet John O'Donohue

    • A letter from an elderly Rochester woman who reads my column each week.

    •A lazy Sunday for laundry and long phone calls.

    • The smell of a pork roast in the oven.

    • Watching my kids delight in dinnertime discussions.

    • Great report cards.

  3. Violet and I were just looking at your blog and she saw your Fashionista outfit and said... "Isn't she pretty?"

    I agree! You are so pretty!
    Hope you're having a great week!!!

  4. Thanks for the lists!

    And Amy: Thanks for the kind words. :) I've had a great week. Glad we got to catch-up a bit on Wednesday night in the dinner line. Hope we can do that again soon.