Out and About: Martin Zeller

Out and About

I went to hear some live music last night with some great pals at
a very interestingly-shaped building! It's called Wicked Moose and
it looks a lot like a space ship on the outside.
The inside does not look like a space ship, to my great disappointment.

The opening act was Devon Worley. They were my favorite.
The lead singer was awesome; she had a great voice. The featured act was Martin Zellar.
He was good, too. Someone said he now lives in Mexico and has chickens. I think that's terrific. Everyone wanted to hear Zamboni.
But he didn't play it. I just looked it up on Youtube, and it is pretty silly.
I can see why everyone wanted him to play it.
I think I remember hearing it at a Waterloo Black Hawks game back in the day.

There was a few major bonuses last night. #1: There WAS a disco ball. #2: I got to eat mashed potatoes TWICE in one day at the same restaurant. Could Fridays get much better than that (I mean it! Mashed potatoes are my favorite favorite favorite!)?




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