A Life of Faith

A Life of Faith

Today was such a wonderful Sunday at church. So joyful and fun.
And I have about 1.3 million great quotes from kids at church today.
They were so kind, brilliant, and hilarious today.

I'll share one story and paint the scene first:
After church, the other pastor and I always go directly outside the church doors and greet people as they leave. At that point in the service, we are still wearing our full clerical garb. The collar underneath. The big white alb. The stole.

As I was shaking hands after church, a little 5-year-old fellow said,
"Pastor Emily! I'm going to the museum! The dinosaur museum! In March!"

I said, "That's awesome! I think I'd really like that, too."

He said, "Okay. But you definitely cannot wear THAT!
You are going to have to change clothes and wear normal clothes
to the museum."


Today is a good day for a quote about kids!

"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven."

-Henry Beecher Ward

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