A Life of Faith: Listen

A Life of Faith

I rethink and question my instincts and feelings on a pretty regular basis.
This might be why I am highly indecisive when it comes to large decisions.

I'm learning to listen more deeply for God's voice in the midst of my uncertainties. God is always speaking. I want to become a better listener.

I've been wondering lately if it's okay with God that the thing I feel MOST certain about in my faith life is God's love. I really feel very sure that God really, really, really loves us all.

I wrote a newspaper column last week that touched on this topic, and it was one of my most honest. But the moment after I clicked "send" and sent it to my editor, I worried that I was wrong to write it. I worried that I was sharing too much of my personal, vulnerable thoughts.

In the midst of my worries about the soundness of my faith and theology, I came across this paragraph at the library today. As I read it, I even cried a few little tears. I felt like God was speaking right to my heart.

For the first time in the 2 weeks since I wrote the column, I felt peace.

God loves you. Really, really loves you. And me. And everyone.
And that might just be a beautiful place to start.

God's love

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