Out and About: Quarry Hill

Out and About

This week I was out and about at Quarry Hill, my 2nd favorite place in Rochester, Minnesota.
(My first favorite place in Rochester is the YMCA).
I adore Quarry Hill. If you're ever in the area, check it out.
I love the fish tank in the nature center.
And it's wonderful to hike around, too.

It's been fun to read your recent comments and reflections on different posts!
Thank you for taking time to comment and share!

My favorite place to hike is Quarry Hill, but I'm always looking for recommendations.

Regardless of where you live,
what's your favorite park/place to hike?
fish 1

fish 2





  1. Pic #2 with the floating fish is fabulous! How fun!
    We hiked in Holliday Park just once, to find a letterbox (similar to geocaching), and just have never gone again. I can't think why! It was wonderful. (Indianapolis, for any readers who are from here!)

  2. Great recommendation, April! Thank you.

  3. You might try hiking at Oxbow Park and Whitewater - both nice spots.