A Life of Faith

A Life of Faith


I am a firm believer that God speaks in lots of places and times, in all kinds of unexpected ways.

For me, part of exploring a life of faith has meant expanding
my understanding of "where" and "when" God speaks.

It isn't just through particular forms of music or in particular churches.
God speaks everywhere.

Last night I was reading from this great library book (whot, whot - I love the library!).
It's a book of the poems, letters, and notes of Marilyn Monroe.
Up until this past weekend, Marilyn wasn't much on my radar.
I didn't know much about her and wasn't particularly interested.

But then I saw that film My Week with Marilyn, and now I am fascinated.
She was certainly troubled, but also wise and thoughtful.

I read one of her notes yesterday and thought, "That's some real, beautiful wisdom about the complexity of feelings."

She wrote:

feel what i feel
within myself - that is trying to
become aware of it
also what I feel in others
not being ashamed of my
feeling, thoughts - or ideas
realize the thing that
they are

Always be on the lookout for inspiration.
Listen for the voice of God,
speaking questions and words of hope to you today.

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