Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

-lunch and a walk with my freshman year roomie, Alison, last Friday
-drive time
-eye medicine
-help with the church's microphones
-muffins on home visits
-my first box of free samples to review
-antique stores on country roads
-mom walks
-thoughts of my brother on his great adventure
-writing ideas
-long, long days that are rewarding
-thought-provoking speakers
-time management
-mouth guard (I am a teeth grinder)
-lefse at Saturday's upcoming fall festival
-tomorrow's "morning" photos
-opportunities for creativity

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. - EndenPure Heater
    - Autumn Bike Rides
    - Walks
    - Emails from E&J
    - Hope

  2. • Telephone chats: with my brother in Slovakia and my nephew in Colorado.

    • Carving pumpkins with my kids.

    • Sunshine

    • Good health

    • Cozy nights at home with a book and a beer.

    • Planning adventures

    • Unexpected texts

    • My parents

  3. What a great long list you have, Lady Pastor! Here is mine:

    --My dad's successful surgery
    --the chance to be in the hospital with him and my mom and sister
    --Starbucks and Au Bon Pain
    --leftover Halloween candy
    --friends who call, email, text, and visit
    --hearing my daughter's sweet voice on the phone
    --trashy network TV
    --tortilla soup
    --laughing together
    --skill of doctors and nurses and techs

  4. - Cade's preschool (again. still!)
    - naptime (always!)
    - health and ability
    - Halloween candy and homemade cupcakes
    - yesterday (all of it)
    - that soon Saturday will be here and then be over and I will still be running
    - that the 24 hour flu was really only 24 hours
    - the smell of clean laundry
    - our new computer and the means to buy it
    - coffee
    - Elaine

  5. - Amazing sunsets
    - A day in the big city
    - Whole Foods Stores
    - Salted Caramels
    - Healthy preemies
    - My kids
    - Planning a vacation
    - Awesome friends
    - space heaters
    - opportunities
    - Spaghetti and Garlic Bread