Music Monday

Music Monday

Hello! Welcome to Music Monday.

First, an announcement. Many of you have shared that you like to read the blog but you don't really like to/know how to leave comments. No problem! Now there's a new way to share! There are two feedback buttons at the bottom of every post. One says "fun" and the other says "post more like this." All you have to do is click the box! That's it! It's anonymous; but I'm hopeful it will be a neat way for people to participate without having to leave a comment.

"Check it out!"

And now, this week's music recommendations. These next few are all by Givers, a great band....

Up Up Up

In My Eyes

Saw You First

Now a few other goodies.....

Cough Syrup by Young the Giant

Wolf and I by Oh Land (this band is weird; but I dig them)

And the grand finale....

Yes, of course I still like the boy band 98 Degrees! Because of You
(I think this was the first cassette tape I got for my car stereo)

And a sidenote....

This week's Word of the Week for Thursday is (not surprisingly) "thankful"...
Text or email me a photo of ANYTHING you are thankful for.
I'd love for Thursday to be a new photo record!
Email me one right now while you're thinking of it.

Remember, it can be a photo of anything on earth (or Mars or Pluto) that you are thankful for....


  1. Givers are awesome! They are my go-to happy album. I love their world-beat sound and how infectious their tunes are. Did you know that their songs are playing in the background of the Kindle Fire commercials? I love that! :)

  2. Wait, how do you leave comments?