The gospel lesson for today is quite unique. And preaching on it this morning was a unique experience.

What are your thoughts on this lesson?

It's a reminder to me of several things:
#1: It's okay to acknowledge together that the Bible includes mysterious, confusing texts...sometimes they are, in fact, totally weird.

#2: Jesus came to challenge people just as much as he came to comfort them. He especially wanted to challenge powerful, misdirected religious folks to expand their understanding of the kingdom of heaven.

#3: The bottom line of the lesson: There's a big ol' banquet going on and everybody in the lesson is missing out because they are distracted by all the chaos. I feel convicted to keep working to create a church and world where all people feel welcome to the banquet of God's presence.

It's clear to me that we live in a world where lots of people DO NOT feel welcome or invited into a family of faith. It's clear to me that the chaos around us DOES prevent us from experiencing God's presence in our midst.

This means there's still lots of important work to be done.

Also, I'm thankful that this gospel lesson will not come back through the lectionary for 3 years. ;) Once every 3 years is plenty for me!


  1. Your approach was excellent and informative as you lead into today's lesson. I love how you use various methods to extrapolate difficult gospel messages. God has given you this special gift, and we people of Zion are recipiants.

  2. I have to say for the first time ever I was able to follow that parable. I've always struggled with the king throwing the guy out at the end but I get it now. It seems to me that too often represents organized religion and its members, inviting everyone but putting up manmade rules that throw them out again. I'm looking forward to you explaining the 6000 or so other things I've never guite followed in the Bible!

  3. Thanks you two! :)

    The Bible sure is interesting, eh?!