Quarry Hill Adventure

I have a great pal from church named Elaine.
The other evening, the two of us joined a lovely crew of folks from the Rochester area for a special hike at Quarry Hill Nature Center. It was AMAZING! It's a beautiful park in Rochester. If you live in the area, you must check it out. I'd been there a few times before, but I had literally no clue about its history.

On the 2-hour tour, we learned that there used to be a state hospital on the grounds in the late 1800s through the 1970s (I think). The hospital was totally self-sufficient and sometimes had up to 1700 patients at a time. Initially, it was created as a place for alcoholics to recover. But over time, the hospital was used for many kinds of mental illness and other maladies.

We even went into a HUGE underground cave. They would keep their produce in the cave and it would last all year! It was gigantic. I'm sure it could hold a lot of potatoes and apples and other crops.

It was inspiring to learn alongside so many interesting people. I love Quarry Hill, and now I will be an even more vocal supporter. Check it out! It's fantastic!

I don't like winter (yet), but I hear Quarry Hill is a great place for skiing and snow shoeing. So maybe (just maybe), winter will become my friend!

Here are some photos from our fun evening....












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  1. Looks educational and fun!
    Isn't it nice to find ways to get outside in some fresh fall air! Love the sunset/rise shots!