FYI: Take care of your eyes

I'd like to share something that all of you probably already know.
I, however, didn't really pay much attention to this fact until today:

Eye health is important.

If you neglect your eyes, you might just end up at the eye doctor. Like me!
Boo! I should've gone about two weeks ago, but I kept thinking it would feel better.

If you see me in the next 8 days, I will be wearing my glasses.
No contacts allowed.


I have two small eye situations.

Situation #1: An eye infection + irritated nerves in the top part of my left eye.

Good news: It is not the same as pink eye and it is not contagious.
Antibiotic drops a few times a day and no contacts allowed for a bit.
I will be good as new. There's no way to tell what caused it.
The doctor said something probably got stuck in my eye.
I have a feeling it was related to my contacts or my mascara or the fact that I
constantly itch my eyes.


Situation #2: Pinguecula! Even the sound of it is weird!
I have a pinguecula on my left eye!
They are not uncommon. But once you have one, the doctor said it will
never go away. However, it can shrink. Pingueculas are yellow bumps
caused by sun exposure.

THIS is why people wear sunglasses!!!!
Oh dear. Why have I avoided them for 28 years?!?! I never developed the habit.

Now I really need to start wearing sunglasses.

All in all,
today has been a glorious day.

6am: Lefse-making at church
8:30am: Drive to Charles City Iowa to see my freshman year roomie, Alison!
2pm: Stop at a random antique store on my way back to Minnesota
5pm: See the eye doctor and learn important facts
6pm: Eat Taco Bell
7pm and onward: CLEAN and organize my house

From now on, I am going to care more about my eyes!

One more thing:
Wear your sunglasses, people! I mean it!


  1. Wow. I'm not a sunglasses wearer either. Thanks for the lesson!

  2. Oh no! I really need to get some prescription sunglasses since I rarely wear contacts. And I'm jealous of your lefse!

  3. Yikes, Em! Hope that it feels better soon!

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